Big Band Scene (October 2016)

    Les Paul, who died last month at the age of 84, was born in Kolkata India, one of five children of Gerald and Minni Paul.  He was studying for an engineering degree when his family decided to move to England in 1951, where they settled in Croydon.  He embarked on an apprenticeship and studied…


The Column: Eddie Myer – The Recording Angel

    In jazz history, the period hailed as the Golden Era is rather a moveable feast – Dixieland purists and similar mouldy figs may insist that the title cannot be accorded any later than the onset of the Great Depression, William P Gottlieb appropriated it for his riveting collection of photographs from the 1930s and…


Ingrid Laubrock Interview

  You’ve worked with Tom Rainey before on the album And Other Desert Towns, how is your latest album with him different?     “Tom and I have worked together since 2007. We play in a number of groups and have played a lot of composed as well as improvised music together – our duo being…

Tom sitting hi res (Stella Serpente)

Tom Green Interview

  Trombonist and composer Tom Green is a graduate of the Royal Academy jazz course and his septet released their debut album last year to critical acclaim. He appears later this month at The Verdict in Brighton as part of the successful New Generation Jazz series.   How did you first get into jazz?   …

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Philip Clemo Interview

What process do you go through to create a piece of music?     “I develop pieces through a process of composition and improvisation. I create sonic spaces for musicians to explore and then often work with ‘blind improvisation’ where I give no prior guidance before recording. The performances that comes from a master musician exploring an…

Joe - High Rez

A Tribute to Jo Hunter

    Born to actor parents in 1926, the young Jo Hunter grew up in a household filled with music. His father, the actor Ian Hunter, starred in a couple of early films by Alfred Hitchcock and soon the family were moving to America where his father appeared in Hollywood films (such as Ziegfeld Girl) and…

Panayi Andy 44738 Under Ground Th. Eastbourne 12.13

Jazz News (September 2016)

    Splash Point Jazz, are setting up a new jazz club. They will be putting on a monthly jazz gig at The Fishermen’s Club on Royal Parade on the last Wednesday of the month. Launching on Wednesday 28th September with Art Themen and Andy Panayi it will continue on Wednesday 26th October with Mark Nightingale and…