Daily Archives: November 1, 2019


Jazz News (Nov. 2019)

Verdict November Programme Brighton’s Verdict jazz club has an extensive programme of music throughout November, with three or more gigs per week, including Benn Clatworthy, Miguel Gorodi, Laura Jurd, Alison Rayner, Carmen Souza, Calum Gourlay, Loz Speyer and Mark Cherrie amongst others. Owner Andy Lavender, who books the Fridays, said “Thanks to Roxanne it’s our…


Big Band Scene (Nov. 2019)

I had the good fortune to see Terry Pack’s Trees again last month as part of the regular Big Band @ Brunswick Sunday evening programme. As before, it was a slimmed down version, with just four brass, eight reeds and woodwind, a single voice, keyboard, bass and drums. There was some new material as well…


Jim Rattigan Interview

Let’s start by talking a bit about your background. How did you get into music? I’ve done music forever. I literally started life as an Irish dancer, can you believe. My parents were Irish. I can’t remember not doing it, I was so young. And then I got into the piano accordion, I did that…