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Soft Machine Legacy reviewed by Jasmine Sharif

  Soft Machine Legacy Trading Boundaries, Sheffield Green Saturday 26th March 2016       Into the velvety countryside darkness, down narrow winding roads, deep damp green leaves swishing past, round twisty frondy bends and under cathedral-roof tree branches arching high overhead, the car snakes and undulates forward, with each mile civilisation is retreating further behind,…


The Column: Jasmine Sharif – Laurie Anderson

     Picture one elfin-faced woman, dressed in black, with a crop of spiky hair and a mischievous grin, on stage with a violin, talking in her soft American accent about dogs. Then picture one of the largest, most vibrant and innovative arts festivals in Europe. Add to that ice-cream, fish and chips, deckchairs and…

Ronnie Scott’s All Stars Quintet reviewed by Jasmine Sharif

Ronnie Scott’s All Stars Quintet Connaught Theatre, Worthing Thursday 18th June, 2015       “Music is the real way of speaking: all the rest is filling in time between gigs”.  Against a constant visual backdrop of old Soho, this band carry with them an almost mythical quality, but in introducing classic tunes and images made…


Mike Outram @ The Snowdrop in Lewes by Jasmine Sharif

Mike Outram, Terry Seabrook, Milo Fell The Snowdrop, Lewes Monday 26th January 2015       The  sampled song of dolphins wends its way into the air, heralding Mike Outram introducing the first bars of Softly As In a Morning Sunrise arranged by Emily Remler, one half of well-known guitar duo with American legend Larry Coryell….


Anita Wardell at The Verdict, Brighton by Jasmine Sharif

Anita Wardell, Nigel Price, Terry Seabrook, Nigel Thomas, Spike Wells Friday January 30TH 2015 The Verdict, Brighton       “I first got the idea to sing this one while I was single, lounging in jim-jams, watching a romantic film and eating pasta!” is vocalist Anita Wardell’s modest introduction of It Might As Well Be Spring…