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Pete Recommends…Maxine Sullivan – Uptown

Maxine Sullivan with the Scott Hamilton Quintet Uptown [Concord CD  CCD4188] A few weeks ago I rang a friend to confirm a meeting. It was quite late and he told me that he was at the Verdict, where it was the interval. “Who’s on?” I asked. “Scott Hamilton, absolutely terrific,” he replied. That conversation led…


Pete Recommends…The Wardell Gray Story

Wardell Gray The Wardell Gray Story [Properbox 55]   In the 1950s two of my friends formed an excellent traditional jazz quintet. They played clarinet and soprano sax respectively. Soon they began listening to Lester Young. Both were tempted to take up the tenor sax, but held back. Then they heard Wardell Gray. Lester plus…


Pete Recommends…Dexter Gordon – Go

Dexter Gordon Go [Blue Note 84112]   About the time that this recording was made I heard Dexter in person. I still believe that it was one of the best live sessions I have experienced. The sheer strength of his performance, his ability to flow and to build for chorus after chorus, was breathtaking. Over…