Day: 3 February 2014

3 February 2014

The Column: Eddie Myer – Embracing the Mediocre

    Just the other day, whilst busily avoiding my self-imposed practice routine by aimlessly browsing through Facebook, my attention was caught by a link to a site called Jazz Advice, and specifically a page therein entitled “How to be a mediocre jazz improvisor”. It sets out a bullet-point list of approaches guaranteed to hinder rather […]

3 February 2014

Empirical Interview

Jazz ensemble Empirical recently released their 4th studio album Tabula Rasa and have been touring the UK to promote it. Ahead of their appearance this month in Brighton, SJM editor Charlie Anderson caught up with bassist Tom Farmer and asked him some questions submitted by readers of The Sussex Jazz Magazine.   So, my first question […]

3 February 2014

Studio 9 Orchestra Interview

The Studio 9 Orchestra was formed in 2011 by Scott Sheridan and Philippe Guyard. Here, saxophonist Philippe discusses the orchestra’s latest project, a suite composed by Simon d’Souza based on the poetry of thirteenth century Sufi poet Rumi. How did the project come about?     “For Studio 9 it was a meeting of several ideas […]

3 February 2014

The Residency: The Snowdrop Inn, Lewes

The Residency: Terry Seabrook on The Snowdrop Inn, Lewes     At the edge of a small Sussex town at the bottom of the cliff by a tunnel lies a small pub named after an 1836 snow avalanche, the worst in British history, which killed 15 people. The Snowdrop Inn is now a much safer place […]

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