Day: 17 February 2014

17 February 2014

The Column: Eddie Myer – What’s In A Name?

    Last Friday I managed to get myself along to see much-favoured youngbloods Empirical playing at the Pavilion Theatre to an appreciative crowd. It was a rare chance to see something from the current forefront of jazz-and-related-musics on our doorstep, and I was pleased not to recognise any local players among the audience, as everyone […]

17 February 2014

Heather Cairncross Interview

Sussex vocalist Heather Cairncross met up with editor Charlie Anderson at The Brunswick in Hove to talk about her experiences in jazz.   You recorded your first jazz album with acclaimed jazz pianist Dave Newton. How did that come about?     “I met Dave Newton at the Hare & Hounds in Worthing. I went along […]

17 February 2014

Alan Barnes Interview

I first saw you playing with Tommy Chase back in the Eighties. What are your memories of working in that band?         “Working with Tommy Chase was, at that time, a real learning experience for me. He certainly knew what he did and didn’t want! He’d tell me to play shorter, more sing-able phrases […]

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