Day: 7 July 2014

7 July 2014

The Column: Eddie Myer – What’s In A Name?

    Love Supreme returned to Glynde Place this weekend for it’s second attempt at presenting a high-production greenfield festival programmed entirely with jazz-and -related-musics. One can only admire their courage. Glastonbury Festival introduced a Jazz Stage once upon a time, but that was long long ago in the distant 80s, when jazz and world music […]

7 July 2014

Yuri Goloubev Interview

Russian virtuoso bassist Yuri Goloubev speaks to editor Charlie Anderson about his love of jazz.   Tell me a bit about how you started in music.     “Well, I grew up in it. My mum had graduated as a pianist even though she didn’t work much in that realm. She was a music journalist for […]

7 July 2014

Improv Column: Wayne McConnell – The Jazz Kitchen

Ear Training: The Jazz Kitchen    If one was to compare ear-training to say, cooking, ear training would represent the preliminary stages of putting together a meal.  It would be before choosing the ingredients, it would be before choosing what utensils to use and it would even be before designing your menu.  Ear training is […]

7 July 2014

Live Review: Kate Williams Quartet at The Verdict

Kate Williams Quartet with Gareth Lockrane The Verdict, Brighton Friday 27th June, 2014          Having seen virtuoso flautist Gareth Lockrane performing at The Verdict with the excellent Preston/Glasgow/Lowe in October last year, his return was long overdue.     In the first set the quartet performed Voyage, a composition by pianist Kenny Barron, which suited […]

7 July 2014

Live Review: Joss Peach’s Full Circle at The Verdict

Joss Peach’s Full Circle The Verdict, Brighton Saturday 28th June, 2014          On a night that saw a hen party at The Verdict, along with Joss Peach’s tribute to Keith Jarrett, this could have been a disaster, but thankfully Joss is a good sport and the bride-to-be was an avid jazz fan.    […]

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