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John Surman Interview

You’ve recorded more than thirty albums under your own name. Which recordings are your favourite? “I didn't realise there were so many! Hard to choose a favourite – I like bits and pieces from all of them I suppose – certainly the most popular in terms of sales has been "Private City" – but I…


Gareth Lockrane Interview

You’re performing at Jazz Hastings on Tuesday 11th November, performing the music of the late Bheki Mseleku. What memories do you have of playing with him?     “I have many great memories of our gigs together and long, intensive duo rehearsals. He would arrive at my house sometimes having ‘dreamt a new tune’ and this…


Adam Glasser Interview

You grew up in South Africa. Tell us a bit about your childhood experiences with music and how you got into jazz.     “My father, the composer Stanley Glasser, worked a lot with South African jazz musicians in the late 50s and early 60s – he was musical director of the legendary musical King Kong….