About Us

About Us


The Sussex Jazz Magazine is a free online jazz magazine for the Sussex area.

Subscribers receive a pdf copy of the magazine two days before the 1st of each month. It's free to subscribe and you can sign up here on our website.

All of the articles from the magazine appear on the website, including a regularly updated listings page covering the Sussex region.


SJM was set up in the summer of 2013 by writer and musician Charlie Anderson.

Its first issue was published online in September 2013, originally as a fortnightly publication. From January 2015 it began publishing online as a monthly magazine.


Sussex Jazz Magazine operates as a non-profit organisation with any advertising money going towards the running costs for the website.

A dedicated team of volunteers contribute to the running of the magazine.






Charlie Anderson


Sub-Editor and Photography

Lisa Wormsley, www.indigoburns.com


Regular Columnists

Eddie Myer, Terry Seabrook, Wayne McConnell, Patrick Billingham, Peter Batten



Most of our interviews are conducted by editor Charlie Anderson.

Guest interviewers include Lou Beckerman, Elaine Crouch and Eddie Myer.



SJM includes reviews written by Charlie Anderson, Lou Beckerman, John Edwards, Eddie Myer, Brian O’Connor, George Richardson, Terry Seabrook and Jasmine Sharif.


Masthead Design

Stuart Russell


Technical Director

Steve Cook



We are grateful to Mike Guest, Anabel Alegre and Rachel Zhang for taking photographs on behalf of Sussex Jazz Magazine.

SJM regularly uses images kindly provided by Brian O'Connor, www.imagesofjazz.com.




Contact Us

We welcome any feedback from our readers.

You can contact us by email: sussexjazzmagazine@gmail.com




Guidance for Writers

We currently do not accept unsolicited contributions.

If you would like to contribute to the magazine, please contact the editor via sussexjazzmagazine@gmail.com.


Writers should click here for our Style Guide, written by Don Walker and Charlie Anderson.




Advertise With Us

Please see our advertising rate card for 2018:


You can email sussexjazzmagazine@gmail.com with any enquiries.




2018 Submission Deadlines


September Issue

Tues. 28th August


October Issue

Thurs. 27th September


November Issue

Sun. 28th October


December Issue

Tues. 27th November


Deadlines: always 2 days before the publication date.

Publication Date: always 2 days before the first day of the month.