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20 February 2021

Dave Trigwell: A Personal Reflection
 by Mark Edwards

“When you’re young and you play with someone new… and together, for the first time for both of you, you find yourself floating and realise that the music is not about YOU anymore, it’s about life, love, fear, a search for freedom and happiness. That was my first experience with Dave.” – Django Bates. Exactly […]

1 April 2018

A Tribute to Chris Carrington

Chris Carrington 28th April 1946 – 27th December 2017   “Kenny Knight (pianist) said to me one day, beaming all over his face, ‘We’ve got this fantastic drummer next Saturday at the wedding.’ It was indeed a great gig, but what made it so special and enjoyable was working with a brilliant drummer: Chris’s backing was […]

1 February 2017

In Memory of Dave Gravett (1936-2016)

Dave Gravett 15th February 1936 – 29th December 2016     I first met Dave 25 years ago when he was struggling to unload the old Brighton Jazz Club brown suitcase full of assorted cables and leads from his car outside the Concorde. He gratefully accepted my offer of help and a long friendship began. In […]

1 December 2016

‘Fight The Good Fight!’

Bobby Wellins  24 January 1936 – 27 October 2016           This is not intended as an obituary so much as a tribute, so please forgive the omission of any material you expected to see here.     I say this because what emerged yesterday at Bobby’s funeral in Chichester was an overwhelming sense that […]

1 September 2016

A Tribute to Jo Hunter

    Born to actor parents in 1926, the young Jo Hunter grew up in a household filled with music. His father, the actor Ian Hunter, starred in a couple of early films by Alfred Hitchcock and soon the family were moving to America where his father appeared in Hollywood films (such as Ziegfeld Girl) and […]

1 September 2014

Ian Price: A Tribute by Eddie Myer

      This magazine’s April Issue 17 carried interviews with two remarkable saxophonists. Tony Kofi’s name will be familiar to jazz fans across Europe and America, and can be found in his biography printed alongside those of Sam Rivers, Andrew Hill and Ornette Coleman. Ian Price’s name is less well known, but eminently deserves a […]

21 July 2014

The Column: Eddie Myer – Charlie Haden RIP

    This week saw the passing of one of the colossi of jazz, Charlie Haden. All the major papers carried glowing obituaries, paying their respects to the man and his music. Bass players are seldom so eulogised; jazz bass players even less so, and despite having earned the universal respect and admiration justly accorded to […]

26 May 2014

Tribute: Spirit of Love – Simon D’souza

  Simon D’souza, the highly regarded saxophonist, composer, arranger, performer, multi-instrumentalist, session musician, educator and all-round great guy was an inspirational figure in the local jazz scene. Pianist and friend Wayne McConnell pays tribute to Simon D’souza, who passed away on Monday 19th May, 2014.       Where can you begin with a man as […]

14 October 2013

A Tribute to Andy Mackintosh by Dan Sheppard

Andy Mackintosh, one of the world's leading session and jazz sax players, passed away peacefully at Sussex County Hospital in Brighton on Sunday October 6. He had a short battle with liver cancer.     Born in 1953, Andy started playing sax at the age of 4. His father, Ken Mackintosh, was a well-known sax player […]

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