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1 June 2016

Improv Column: Out Playing by Wayne McConnell

    Out playing is all about playing against the harmony.  Its playing the 'wrong' notes at the right time.  Out playing isn't just random, it still must have all of the melodic content of inside playing such as development of ideas, rhythmic interest,  space etc.  It must say something.  So if out playing is not […]

1 April 2016

Improv Column: Wayne McConnell – Starting Out In Jazz

    In order to play jazz, one has to master the basic elements of music.  Apologies if that seems like a very basic statement.  This article is aimed at those who are just starting out in jazz, or people who are thinking about starting. I strongly advise you to not invest in a pile of […]

1 October 2015

Improv Column: Wayne McConnell – Just Improvise!

Pianist Wayne McConnell urges people to Just Improvise!       I genuinely believe everybody is able to improvise in one form or another. This basic ability is the very essence of how we get through life. Music aside, the ability to put together words and construct sentences is essential in everyday living. Free thinking is […]

1 June 2015

Improv Column: Pentatonic Scales by Wayne McConnell

Pentatonic Scales    A Pentatonic Scale is simply any scale with 5 notes in.  Pentatonic scales can be very simple sounding, they have an earthy, natural quality but they can also be used in a way that makes them harmonically rich and interesting.  Most of you will be familiar with the basic pentatonic scales for […]

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