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30 June 2020

July Issue Free to Download

The July issue of Sussex Jazz Magazine is now available and free to download here: SJM July 2020   Our 102nd issue features the following: The cover features a photo of bassist Isobella Burnham by Pat Pascal. Column by Pat Pascal’s column talks about diversity in jazz, with photos of young black musicians to look […]

1 June 2020

June Issue Free to Download

The June issue of Sussex Jazz Magazine is now available and free to download here: SJM June 2020   Our 101st issue features the following: The cover features a painting of cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson by artist Gina Southgate. Interview with trumpeter Avashai Cohen by SJM writer George Richardson. Columns by Simon Spillett and Gina Southgate. […]

1 January 2020

Peter Batten Interview (Part 2)

This interview is a continuation of Part 1 of the interview available here.   What happened after you left university? I worked in London for a time for the LCC and played in various odd little bands around London, then I got married, moved to Peterborough and played in a jazz band there. After that […]

1 January 2020

Pete Recommends: Dave Frishberg – Lookin’ Good

Dave Frishberg Lookin’ Good Although I often doubt whether anyone reads this column, I know that my friend Adrian does. He sometimes even buys my recommendation. Recently in a New York store he found an original vinyl issue of my Maxine Sullivan recommendation. So I have chosen this month to dedicate my choice to him. […]

1 December 2019

Peter Batten Interview (part 1)

Born in Bermondsey in 1933 Peter was six years old when war broke out. “I have a lot of horrible memories of the war. It was all quiet for about a year and then the Blitz really started and that was absolutely horrible. I lived through that either in Bermondsey or at my uncle’s bungalow […]

1 December 2019

Pete Recommends…Tommy Flanagan – Montreux ’77

About five years ago some lucky purchases led me to spend more time listening to Tommy Flanagan. I had always admired his work as an accompanist. Now I began to see him as a solo artist. I went back to this trio recording which was part of my vinyl collection. Wow! How had I missed […]

1 December 2019

Book Review: Daniel Spicer – Lost In The Vaults

Lost in the Vaults Daniel Spicer (Elusinian Press)   This is a fascinating and stimulating book. It reprints the complete run of Daniel Spicer’s  column with the same title, as published in Jazzwise magazine between 2006 and 2019. Listing over a hundred rare collectables and forgotten gems of 20th century jazz, it brings together a […]

1 November 2019

Pete Recommends…Howard McGhee – Dusty Blue

Howard McGhee Dusty Blue [Archive Music Revisited CD AMR 870]   The Bebop years of the 1940s produced one phenomenal trumpeter, Dizzy Gillespie. Two others, very close in quality, also appeared: Howard McGhee and Fats Navarro. As a young trad trumpet player, just starting out, they all amazed me. Every solo from Fats seemed to […]

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