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1 February 2017

Jazz Education Review: Brighton Jazz Education Conference

Teacher, don’t teach me no nonsense       A one-day Jazz Education Conference at Brighton’s Verdict club confronted a world where music is a commodity and education a business investment. At this Brighton Jazz School event, Tony Durham discovered how South Coast educators are trying to keep the jazz flame alive.        Let’s not […]

1 August 2015

Jazz Education Review: Tina May Vocal Workshop

Lou Beckerman reviews Tina May’s vocal workshop hosted by Brighton Jazz School   Tina May is an obvious enthusiast when it comes to sharing her knowledge. The workshop was well-attended with twenty-three vocalists of varying levels of experience attracted by an advertised afternoon programme covering: Scat syllables Interpretation and phrasing Importance of knowing the form […]

1 February 2015

Gabriel Garrick Interview

SJM columnist and bassist Eddie Myer recently caught up with trumpeter Gabriel Garrick between sets at the Bristol Bar where he was sitting in at Jack Kendon's regular Thursday night gig.   Hi Gabriel. Your father Michael was an important and influential jazz musician. What was it like growing up in such a musical family? […]

7 July 2014

Improv Column: Wayne McConnell – The Jazz Kitchen

Ear Training: The Jazz Kitchen    If one was to compare ear-training to say, cooking, ear training would represent the preliminary stages of putting together a meal.  It would be before choosing the ingredients, it would be before choosing what utensils to use and it would even be before designing your menu.  Ear training is […]

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