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1 April 2018

Spike Wells Remembers…Philly Joe Jones

If I could only keep one of my Desert Island drummers (the others would have been Roy Haynes, Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Pete La Roca, Jack Dejohnette, Tony Oxley and Bill Stewart), I’d have to choose the great Philly Joe. And not because he’s the only drummer I’d ever had lessons with!   His playing […]

23 June 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas Diary of a Loose Tube part 2

Diary of a Loose Tube – second instalment       A few weeks ago I wrote ‘Diary of a Loose Tube’ in anticipation of our week of rehearsals, a residency at Ronnie’s and the launch gig at the Cheltenham Festival. Listening to the BBC Radio 3 broadcast of the Thursday night set in Soho made me […]

12 May 2014

Guest Column: Dan Sheppard – Depping

    Since I'm depping for Eddie, and writing this column at short-notice, I'm going to talk about the minefield that is musical depping. Firstly, I should probably explain what "depping" is. The word is a shortened version of the word "deputy", and essentially means covering for another musician who may be ill or had to […]

28 April 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas – Diary of a Loose Tube

    A few weeks ago I wrote a contemporary diary for SJM. It was difficult to compress the emotional import of the range of connections that are formed through the ongoing making of music. There is a particular form of bond made when musicians play together. None greater perhaps, for some of us, than was […]

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