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Gilad Atzmon Interview

    Back in 2009 Atzmon released his tribute to Charlie Parker on his album In Loving Memory of America, a collaboration with violinist and arranger Ros Stephen and the Sigamos String Quartet. Atzmon has collaborated with them again for his 2017 album The Spirit of Trane. “I really like working with strings and with Ros…


SJM Letters Page (June 2015)

Dear SJM,     Eddie Meyer's column has always been erudite, logical, well informed and interesting. However, this month I was taken aback by how it failed to grasp the real and serious issues at stake. By cancelling Gilad Atzmon’s gig the RNCM has censored Gilad's performance on the strength of a racist lobby group. Eddie,…


The Column: Eddie Myer – Courting Controversy

      The unexpected cancellation of The Orient House Ensemble’s March 5th gig at the Royal Northern College of Music provoked a spectrum of reactions, all duly registered across social-media land. Jazz gigs are sadly prone to cancellations due to poor pre-sales or the vagaries of promoters and venue owners, but this was a rather…