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16 September 2013

A Brief History of Gypsy Jazz

  The history of gypsy jazz begins with Django Reinhardt, though many would argue that gypsy jazz is Django Reinhardt.     Django was born in 1910 into a Manouche-Romany family and although born in Belgium, Django spent most of his childhood in the gypsy camps on the outskirts of Paris where he learnt to play […]

16 September 2013

Steve Aston Interview

Charlie Anderson met up with guitarist Steve Aston to discuss gypsy jazz and some of the reasons why some people love it and some people hate it.   I met up with Steve Aston at The Paris House, a beautiful French cafĂ©-bar in Brighton, and I asked him what he liked most about gypsy jazz […]

15 September 2013

Jazz Education Review: Gypsy Jazz Learning Resources

Charlie Anderson surveys resources for musicians wanting to learn more about playing gypsy jazz    Online Learning   www.gypsyjazzacademy.com    These in-depth online lessons are taught by two prominent gypsy jazz guitarists, Lollo Meier and Fapy Lafertin. £50 for 3 months. Free sample lessons available.   www.gypsyjazzschool.com A more basic site set up by Israeli […]

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