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1 May 2015

The Column: Eddie Myer – The Eye of the Tiger

The Eye of the Tiger       April 30th is doubly significant for our loyal readers, marking not only the 40th virtual issue of the Sussex Jazz Magazine but also the triumphant return of International Jazz Day, modestly billed on its own Facebook page as ‘The Greatest Day in Jazz History’. We’re aware that some […]

1 April 2015

Improv Column: Memorising Tunes by Wayne McConnell

Committed to Committing it to Memory   You would think learning songs would be a relatively simple exercise and in many ways it is.  In jazz however, simply knowing the song is not really enough.  As improvisers, we want to be able to feel completely relaxed with the material that we are improvising on.  Learning […]

7 July 2014

Improv Column: Wayne McConnell – The Jazz Kitchen

Ear Training: The Jazz Kitchen    If one was to compare ear-training to say, cooking, ear training would represent the preliminary stages of putting together a meal.  It would be before choosing the ingredients, it would be before choosing what utensils to use and it would even be before designing your menu.  Ear training is […]

14 April 2014

Improv Column: Wayne McConnell – Jazz and Community

Pianist Wayne McConnell looks at Jazz and Community, a talk presented at the inaugural Brighton Jazz Education Conference.   Jazz and Etienne Wenger’s Community of Practice  "The term ‘community of practice’ is of relatively recent coinage, even though the phenomenon it refers to is age-old. The concept has turned out to provide a useful perspective […]

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