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Live Review: Brighton Festival – John Surman

Brighton Festival: John Surman St. George’s Church, Kemptown, Brighton Thursday 10th May, 2018       A performance by virtuoso musician John Surman is a rarity in the UK as the 73 year old veteran currently resides in Norway, and his last performance in Brighton was back in 2014. His musical collaborations with Norwegian pianist and…


Vigleik Storaas Interview

SJM editor Charlie Anderson spoke with award winning Norwegian pianist, composer and teacher Vigleik Storaas ahead of his appearance with the legendary John Surman at this year’s Brighton Festival.   You’ve obviously known John Surman for a long time, you’ve been playing together since the mid-1990s in the Nordic Quartet.     “Yes, I think the…


John Surman Interview

You’ve recorded more than thirty albums under your own name. Which recordings are your favourite? “I didn't realise there were so many! Hard to choose a favourite – I like bits and pieces from all of them I suppose – certainly the most popular in terms of sales has been "Private City" – but I…