1 January 2017

Dennis Rollins Interview

What have you learnt from your time performing with Maceo Parker?

    “It was an honour to have spent 8 year working with Maceo ‘the funkiest saxophone player in the world!’ There, I learnt the nuances of instrumental funk performance. The slurs between notes that give a musical phrase a ‘greasy’ feel, learning about the way a horn section sits on a groove, whether on the beat, behind or ahead.”

    “The importance of tempo and dynamics, or should I say how they affect an audience.”

    “I could go on!… the most impressive element was, and still is, Maceo’s ability to communicate LOVE through this genre he helped pioneer called ‘funk’ music.”


Tell us about your new band FUNKY-FUNK! that are appearing at the South Coast Jazz Festival.

    “FUNKY-FUNK! features the cream of UK funk musicians, Tony Remy, Shez Raja, James Morton, Marijus Aleksa and Martin Longhawn, each a band leader in their own right.”

    “They ‘throw down’ the deepest, intense groove without effort. I’m also proud that they’re all great soloists, able to step up and express their individualism whenever the music dictates.”

 “After working extensively with my (jazz) ‘Velocity Trio’ it feels the right time to jump back into the funk mix with this fine band.”


What plans do you have for 2017?

    “For 2017, we’ve more gig dates and I’m currently working on the FUNKY-FUNK! ‘Future-Funk!’ concept album, scheduled for an autumn release.”


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