1 April 2019

Gabriel Latchin Interview

Pianist Gabriel Latchin releases his second album The Moon and I on Friday 5th April. Here he answers questions from Charlie Anderson.


Tell us about your new album and the inspiration behind it.

My trio’s new album is called The Moon and I, a line taken from the beautiful standard Poor Butterfly which we recorded last year along with several other standards, jazz compositions and four of my own pieces. There is definitely a family theme with the record. There are compositions for my two sons – Arthur Go and Pippy’s Delight – and one for my wife – Brigi, My Dear. Naturally, as a new father, my music draws inspiration from family life.

On the recording, there is Dario Di Lecce on bass and Josh Morrison on drums, two excellent musicians each with a strong musical personality of their own. In a trio setting, each voice in the band becomes much more crucial in defining the overall sound. Their contribution here is no exception.

What have you learnt since you released your debut album in 2017 that’s had an impact on the new album?

It’s been several years since I actually recorded my debut album, so most of what I have learnt has been at the piano itself. I have done several recordings with other groups and had lots of gigging experience with many great musicians. All of this has fed into my musical ideas for the new recording.

In terms of the record itself, I decided to keep the same mix of standards and originals as on the first album. I think it’s a good way to introduce your music to jazz fans who perhaps are yet to discover you. I myself am often curious how different musicians treat the standard repertoire in their own way.

You’re about to start your tour. Will you just be playing music from the album or will there be some new material that’s not on there?

I am writing and arranging new music all the time. On this tour, the trio will be focussing on music from the new album mainly. But, we will also be playing some tunes from the first one and some new compositions too. In fact, the first date of the tour was yesterday and we opened with something I wrote just last week. There is always going to be a delay in getting the record out there, but that shouldn’t hold back the creative process.

What are you planning to do after the tour?

I am already starting to think about what to do next: another trio album at the end of next year, possibly in the States (I’m traveling to New York next week to look into it), or perhaps a quintet record here, à la Horace Silver or Art Blakey.


The Moon and I is released on the Alys Jazz label.

Gabriel Latchin Trio appear at The Verdict on Saturday 8th June, 2019.

Photo of Gabriel Latchin by Rob Blackham.

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