1 November 2016

Silje Nergaard Interview

Tell us about how you go about composing a new song.

    “I sit down by the piano and play and sing freely. I try not to think too much or judge myself too hard, and I try not to be impatient. I hope for a special and original phrase or melody to appear. I record everything on my iPhone, and I know if I’ve made something good when I listen to it later with fresh ears. If I like a phrase, I start composing the whole song which takes a while, sometimes months.”


How important is the story in your songs?

    “When I sing freely, random sentences appear, and I believe they come from the same place as the melody. This musical line starts telling a story; we just have to figure out the secret of it…it is very exciting…and my long-time lyricist Mike eventually writes the words. The stories are like the gloves of a hand, it needs to fit. But the lyrics must always have great quality and tell a story.”

    “I invite my listener in to my musical universe and hope they with feel the music and words touch them in a personal way. This is what music is about.”


What plans do you have for the future. Do you have a new album coming out?

    “I am working on two projects these days. I am writing for a new album that will have more of an electric sound, just to make a change from the acoustic recordings I have released in the last years. I am also working with a fantastic Norwegian jazz pianist called Espen Berg, and we are working on a jazz project with Norwegian classics. I am very excited and dedicated to both of these musical projects.”



Silje Nergaard performs at St. James Theatre, London on 18th and 19th November and then at The Ropetackle in Shoreham on Sunday 20th November.


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