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1 March 2020

Column: Simon Spillett – BOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!

If the following doesn’t quite hang together in a completely cogent manner please forgive me. I’m suffering from too little sleep and rather more specifically from the kind of all over sense of relief that comes when something you’ve sweated over, obsessed about, and previously only considered the stuff of bucket lists and dreams finally […]

1 February 2020

Column: Eddie Myer – Best ofs

Now it’s February, and everyone’s “Best Of 2019” lists are in, which means that culture journalists now have to cast around for some new content after an easy January. Of course this year they had to choose between a ‘Best Of 2019’ and a ‘Best Of The Decade’ – the latter now an implausible confection, […]

1 February 2020

Column: Pat Pascal – London Jazz Nights

Buster Mantis was alive yesterday celebrating 1 year of Champion Sounds – a weekly improvised groove-jazz session that happens every Wednesday. The energy felt in the packed room was massive and the brilliant line-up gifted us with a set of unforgettable real-time music-creation completely off the charts. The names are well known in the scene […]

1 February 2020

Column: Simon Spillett – Mass Observation

Now here’s a market stall purchase I’m delighted to have made quite by chance earlier today. ‘The Observer’s Book of Jazz’, published in 1978 by Frederick Warne Ltd., was one of the first books I ever read on the music – perhaps even THE first, it’s hard to recall at this distance. Yet I remember […]

1 January 2020

Column: Simon Spillett – Sixty Not Out

So…where to begin? I was honoured to be among the sixty saxophonists chosen to close the Ronnie Scott’s 60th Anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall, a logistical feat that required – as Ronnie himself might have put it – ‘the cunning of a sewer rat and the timing of a Swiss watch.’ The bulk […]

1 December 2019

Column: Eddie Myer – All Night Long

In his biography of Debussy, Eric Frederick Jensen records a conversation between the great pianist and composer and his friend and mentor Ernest Giraud. Debussy plays a series of intervals on the piano – notated in the book as impossible-to-parse mix of apparently random clusters and wider leaps – and Giraud asks him what they […]

1 November 2019

Column: Eddie Myer – Tony Hall RIP

This June saw the sad passing of the universally respected British music executive, columnist, record producer and radio DJ Tony Hall. Hall’s achievements span across the whole spectrum of post-war popular music: anyone whose name can be positively linked to figures as diverse as Ronnie Scott and Black Sabbath deserves a special place in the […]

1 November 2019

Column: Sam Carelse – On The Corner

R***** S***** It had to happen sometime. I set foot in the hallowed jazz institution Ronnie Scott’s after years of working in Soho but being far too intimidated to set foot in it. A boozy dinner followed by a boozy couple of drinks of booze and we were ready to go in, armed with my […]

1 November 2019

Column: Simon Spillett – B Is For Brighton

There are some places that resonate with you, sometimes for reasons you can’t explain. They just do, and always have, almost instinctively in fact, as if they seem for whatever time you’re in them to be just the right spot on earth for you to be. Travelling around the UK as a working musician over […]

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