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1 September 2013

Terry Pack Interview

Bassist Terry Pack has been making music for more than forty years. He met up with Sussex Jazz Mag editor Charlie Anderson to talk about his love of jazz and teaching.       I arrived at Terry Pack’s home in Hove just as he had kittens, two white ones to be precise. We were soon […]

1 September 2013

George Trebar Interview

On a warm sunny day, editor Charlie Anderson wandered down to a bowling club in Hove to have a chat with bassist George Trebar.   I caught up with bassist George Trebar at a busy time. As well as studying for a postgraduate degree at Trinity under the guidance of Simon Purcell and bassist Steve […]

1 September 2013

Dave Hill Interview

    Bassist Dave Hill discusses how he got into jazz and playing double bass.       “I didn’t actually start playing until I was nineteen. I always loved music but I didn’t come from a musical family, and I had no musical understanding whatsoever. When I got to university, studying Anthropology and Theology I moved […]

1 September 2013

Agnes Keplinger Interview

     Agnes Keplinger, a youthful cellist from Austria, has only recently become interested in learning the double bass. She started learning the cello at the age of six and was classically trained at the Bruckner Konservatorium in Linz, Austria.      She was about 14 when a guitarist friend of hers first introduced her […]

1 September 2013

Jazz Education Review: Artistworks Online Jazz Bass School

Bassist Steve Cook reviews Artistworks’ Online Jazz Bass School.    My first impression of the artistworks.com website is that 'I can't believe that he's really doing this!' But John Patitucci really is! The artistworks.com website (bass campus) currently offers online tuition by three top class (legendary even) bass players. John Patitucci, Nathan East and Missy […]

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