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10 November 2014

Launching ‘Into The Blue’ (part 3) by Lou Beckerman

LAUNCHING ‘INTO the BLUE’     Part 3: With two-thirds of the album launch mini-tour fulfilled, vocalist Lou Beckerman gives an update on progress thus far, with an overview of lessons learned and experience gained…   Part 1 of ‘Launching Into the Blue’ reflected on what has been involved in the wearing of an independent […]

27 October 2014

Launching ‘Into the Blue’ (part 2) by Lou Beckerman

Part 2: In the run-up to three album launch events Lou Beckerman and some of the instrumentalists reflect on their experience of participating in this project.   I’m writing this two days before the first launch (the stately one!) at gracious Danny House in Hurstpierpoint. It looks as though time spent publicising has been worthwhile […]

13 October 2014

Launching ‘Into the Blue’ (part 1) by Lou Beckerman

  Part 1: Lou Beckerman reflects on wearing an independent recording artist/promoter’s hat to launch her new album.   The lorry arrives with a dauntingly high stack of boxes packed with CDs. They’re looking and sounding good – no major glitches. A certain sense of accomplishment prevails. The band has had a listening session and […]

28 April 2014

Lou Beckerman Interview

How did the album come about?     “It’s been ten years since I wrote and produced my first album – before I started studying and singing jazz. This was successful in its genre, but after some years on my jazz journey (and with vocal adjustments, including taming the vib!) it seemed timely to produce a […]

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