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1 January 2016

Brian O’Connor Interview

Brian O’Connor has been photographing jazz musicians since the 1970s and has photographed a number of jazz legends. Here he talks about his images and his upcoming exhibition at the South Coast Jazz Festival.   How did you first get into jazz?     “Although I enjoyed pop music of the late 50’s you would occasionally […]

30 September 2013

A Brief History of Jazz Photography

  In the early days of jazz,  musicians went to photographic studios to pose for pictures. During the 1920s there was a craze for ‘doing something zany’, so some of the photos involved musicians doing unusual things, kind of like a still version of the Harlem Shake.     Other than the posed group photographs, […]

30 September 2013

Jazz Images by Sussex Photographers

The Jazz Images of  Mike Guest         “Every picture should tell a story and with that in mind, when I set out to produce an image, I try very hard to capture a feeling of the sound being produced as well as the musician performing it. Sounds a bit funky I know, sometimes […]

30 September 2013

John Easterby Interview

SJM editor Charlie Anderson sat down with John Easterby to talk about food, photography and jazz.    With a long and distinguished career in the photographic industry, John Easterby has recently taken on the job of chef at The Verdict cafe in Brighton. I started our conversation by asking him how it all started.     “I did a […]

30 September 2013

Jazz Photography Tips from Mike Guest

Experienced photographer Mike Guest gives tips to readers on how they can best photograph jazz musicians in their native habitat.   I think most dedicated photographers have this insatiable appetite for seeing and capturing the image wherever and whenever that might be. I have been behind a camera on and off for close on fifty […]

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