1 July 2019

Tenderlonious Interview

Tell us about the band and the music that you’ll be bringing to the Love Supreme Festival in July.
The band is comprised of a selection of musicians that are interchangeable. For this show we’ll be performing as a quartet, flute/sax, trumpet, drums and keys.


How is the 22archestra different to Ruby Rushton?
The 22archestra tunes are centred around improvisation, whereas Ruby Rushton has more focused arrangements, with more complex harmonies and time signatures. You’ll hear a mix of music from both bands at the Love Supreme show.


As a self-taught musician, how did you go about learning the sax and the flute?

Spent lots of time practicing, listening to records and studying from books. It’s all about discipline and dedication. Playing music also brings me a great deal of joy!


What qualities do you look for in a musician that you work with?
A good sense of humour! All the guys I work with are great fun to hang out with, which is essential when you spend a lot of time travelling between airports and train stations.


Tell us about your practice routine and how you manage to keep on top of everything on a daily basis.

There’s not much of a routine these days as I’m pretty busy day-to-day with running my label 22a, so I just try and fit it in wherever and whenever I can. Somehow it all comes together.


How do you go about composing?

Sometimes I sit at the piano and play around with some ideas. Other times I might come up with a melody when I’m practicing flute or sax and then work it into a tune. I also have a studio and work as an electronic producer, which usually involves playing around with an array of synthesisers & drum machines until something comes together.



Love Supreme Festival

Sunday 7th July, 2019

The Arena stage, 2:30pm

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