1 April 2015

Album Review: Steve Thompson’s Evidence Bag

Album Review

Steve Thompson: Evidence Bag   (STRBCD2015)

    Steve is of course well known locally for being part of the superb rhythm section at Smalls Jazz Club, but he has many other strings to his bow.

    For this CD he has gathered around him some like minded musicians: Tim Wells on B3 Hammond Organ, Preston Prince on drums, Dave Smith on guitar and Nick Higgins on tenor. Steve has written all the tunes on the CD and it was recorded in Hove Actually.

    Steve’s intention was to recreate the sounds of scores from film and television American cops shows of yesteryear and in that, he has certainly succeeded. Any one of these tunes could feature in that genre. 

    A couple of the slower tempo tunes – Utopia & Jake are well imagined and beautifully played on Hammond, tenor & bass.

    Perhaps Steve could call on his screen writings skills to write some cop shows to go along with this highly successful CD.

John Edwards

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