1 May 2015

Live Review: Buster Birch at The Birley Centre

Live Review


Buster Plays Buster

The Birley Centre, Eastbourne

Tuesday 21st April 2015


The Birley Centre is an excellent small venue for for jazz gigs, and it is to be hoped that their occasional series continues into the future.  The first half of Buster’s performance is devoted to his tributes to the the ‘masters.’  John Coltrane, Charles Mingus, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, etc.  Whilst performing selected pieces of their music the screen shows appropriate photos together with basic autobiographical notes.  Very entertaining and informative. 


The second half is devoted to a tribute to Buster Keaton.  The music accompanies a selection of short films, a selection of standards including a bossa nova.  This makes a novel change from the usual type of music that accompanies a silent film.


Buster controls the whole synchronising business from his mobile phone, he says.  Technology!


The music was excellent, as ever from Mr. Birch, and it was good to see and hear Jo Fooks in such fine form after her recent problems. [see London Jazz News here.]


It will be interesting to see if Buster tries another venture of this kind.  It would be very much worth the effort.


A very satisfying evening.


Brian O’Connor

Photos courtesy of Brian O'Connor, www.imagesofjazz.com

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