1 March 2015

Celebrating 15 Years of Jazz at The Lion & Lobster, Brighton

    Sunday 22nd February saw Lawrence Jones and his All Stars celebrate 15 years of live jazz at The Lion & Lobster pub in Brighton.

    The live jazz began back in  2000, and since then the pub has seen big crowds over the years and the anniversary celebrations were no exception.

    With Lawrence Jones performing on vocals, baritone saxophone and flute, the house band featured Terry Seabrook on keyboard, Nick McGuigan on double bass and Malcolm Mortimore on drums.

    As is usual, the band were joined by special guests, many of whom had performed there over the past 15 years. Guests included the saxophonist Kevin Lowe, pianist Al Scott, bassist Matt Casterton, drummer Simon Cambers, along with vocalists Frank Doubleday Jnr. and Dave Williams.

    The Lion & Lobster is one of Brighton’s oldest pubs, and last year it also became the most valuable pub in the city after being sold to a London pub chain for £4.5m (after previously being owned by actor Gary Whelan).

    If you want a lively night out with some great live music then Lawrence Jones and his All Stars perform at The Lion & Lobster, Sillwood Street, Brighton every Sunday evening.


Photo by Rachel Zhang.

This article was written by Charlie Anderson and appears in the March 2015 issue of The Sussex Jazz Magazine, available here.

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