1 July 2015

Live Review: Darius Brubeck Quartet at Eastbourne


Darius Brubeck Quartet

Under Ground Theatre, Eastbourne

Friday 12th June, 2015


    A packed house welcomed Darius Brubeck to the Under Ground Theatre for the first time.  Two excellent sets ensured that they went home happy (as the current vernacular goes). 

    Playing a selection of tracks from his current CD, Cathy’s Summer, released last year, and upcoming album, ensured a programme of variety.  The obligatory tributes to his dad were, Take Five and Blue Rondo A La Turk, no mere copies of the originals, and non the worse for that.  Dave O’Higgins was in particularly brilliant form, with long elegant solos.  Matt Ridley and Wesley Gibbens provided admirable support and solos.  Darius, not a copy of his father, played extremly well, combined with useful introductions. 

    A very good evening.


Darius Brubeck, piano

Dave O’Higgins, sax

Matt Ridley, bass

Wesley Gibbens, drums


Review and photo by Brian O’Connor



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