1 February 2021

February 2021 Issue Is Out Now

The February 2021 issue of Sussex Jazz Magazine is out now.

We have print copies available to new subscribers.

You can subscribe here.


The front cover of the magazine features drummer Spike Wells, photographed by Lisa Wormsley. Spike recently celebrated his 75th birthday and this month launches the debut album of QOW Trio that features him playing with saxophonist Riley Stone-Lonergan and bassist Eddie Myer. Fellow musician and writer Simon Spillett also writes about Spike in his column.
Pianist Mark Edwards pays tribute to his friend and drummer Dave Trigwell who passed away last month.
There are also our regular features, such as Jazz News by Charlie Anderson, Jazz Essentials by Simon Adams, Big Band Scene by Patrick Billingham and Pete Recommends by Peter Batten.
We also have reviews of albums by QOW Trio, Greg Osby & Florian Arbenz, Jim Rattigan and the Blue Note Re:imagined album.
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