1 November 2015

Live Review: Geoff Simkins/Sheryl Bailey at The Verdict

Geoff Simkins/Sheryl Bailey Quartet

The Verdict, Brighton

Saturday 24th October 2015


    Both guitarist Sheryl Bailey and saxophonist Geoff Simkins are experienced jazz educators, Geoff teaching locally, whilst Sheryl Bailey teaches at Berklee and the Stanford Jazz Workshops.

 Fittingly then, this evening was a masterclass in musicianship with both musicians soloing fluidly over some classic bebop material, mixed in with the occasional latin number.

    Bassist and tour organiser Simon Woolf together with local drummer Spike Wells blended together well to form a solid foundation for a night of creative soloing and interaction between band members.


Geoff Simkins, alto sax; Sheryl Bailey, guitar

Simon Woolf, double bass; Spike Wells, drums



Charlie Anderson

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