1 April 2017

Jake Long interview

Maisha (meaning ‘Life’) are a London-based ensemble led by drummer Jake Long. The band also features Nubya Garcia on saxophone/flute, Shirley Tetteh on guitar, Amane Suganami on keyboard, Twm Dylan on double bass and Tim Doyle on percussion.


Tell us about Maisha.

    “The group play original music inspired by artists such as Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and Idris Mohammad, fused with heavily rhythmic West African and Afro Beat Grooves. After being established almost a year ago [we] have recorded a live EP at Good Evening Arts and released the EP under Jazz Refreshed.” 


What do you like most about playing with the other members of the band?

    “One of the things that’s so enjoyable about playing with the band is that everyone is constantly listening to each other and responding to what is happening in such an open way, and I feel everyone brings such a positive and individual energy to the band.”


What are the different projects that you’re involved with?

    “Everyone in the band is involved and playing with so many different artists, as we are all so blessed to be part of such an incredible community of musicians. Recently I’ve been playing a lot with all sorts of projects including Oscar Jerome, Poppy Ajudha, Susso, Where Pathways Meet and have just finished recording the Huw Bennett Quintet album.”


What are your plans for the rest of the year? 

    “We are planning to record an album this coming year, which we’re super excited for. In addition to that we are continuing to write new music and share it with people.”


Maisha perform at The Verdict on Friday 31st March as part of New Generation Jazz.





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