1 August 2016

Jazz News (August 2016)

    Congratulations to JazzLondonLive, the new London jazz listings website and smartphone app for reaching their funding goal via Kickstarter.

    Mary Greig’s Jazz In London listings publication stopped in April this year but musicians Sarah Chaplin and Mick Sexton began a Kickstarter campaign in May, hoping to raise £10,000. With the beta version of the website going live on 1st June, and extensive coverage in social media and the jazz press, by 11th July £11,981 was raised.

    Around 400 people backed the project with those pledging £20 or more offered a JazzLondonLive t-shirt, with higher pledges being offered a dedicated page on the website.

    The money will go to an app developer to create a smartphone app with up to date listings of jazz gigs across London. The website will also feature artist and venue pages and sections with jazz education listings and links to other jazz related websites.

    You can check out the website here: https://jazzinlondon.live with the app expected to launch in September.

    September also sees the return of the Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival at The Old Market in Hove, on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th September, with acts such as Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey and Artifacts Trio, featuring Nicole Mitchell on flute & electronics, Tomeka Reid on cello and Mike Reed on drums. More information can be found here: 


    Tickets are on sale now, including weekend tickets for £50.

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