1 June 2020

June Issue Free to Download

The June issue of Sussex Jazz Magazine is now available and free to download here:

SJM June 2020


Our 101st issue features the following:

The cover features a painting of cellist Ayanna Witter-Johnson by artist Gina Southgate.

Interview with trumpeter Avashai Cohen by SJM writer George Richardson.

Columns by Simon Spillett and Gina Southgate.

Lockdown Diaries: Mark Bassey & Hilary Burt; Sam Carelse & Jason Henson

Jazz Essentials by Simon Adams: Keith Jarrett – The Köln Concert

Big Band Scene by Patrick Billingham

Pete Recommends…Miles Davis

Live Stream Reviews: Around the Houses Livestream Festival reviewed by Eddie Myer.

Album Q&As: Joe Downard – Seven Japanese Tales; Howes3 – Moving Forward; Misha Mullo-Abbado – Dream Circus; Noemi Nuti – Venus Eye; Dave Storey – Jouska.

Album Reviews: Peter Asplund – All My Septembers; Diaspora Meets AfroHorn – Jazz: A Music of the Spirit, Out of Sista’s Place; Kevin Figes Quartet – Changing Times; Wolfgang Haffner – Kind of Tango; Dominic Ingham – Role Models; Jazzrausch Bigband – Beethoven’s Breakdown; Chris McCarthy – Still Time to Quit; Pyjaen – Sage Secrets (EP).

Live Stream Listings for June 2020.

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