1 March 2018

Live Review: Ivo Neame Quartet at The Verdict

Ivo Neame Quartet

The Verdict, Brighton

Friday 16th February, 2018


    Pianist Ivo Neame successfully bridges the gap between contemporary classical music and contemporary jazz with compositions that have an esoteric and highly original voice.

    The supporting band of George Crowley, Tom Farmer and James Maddren expertly negotiated some tricky time signature changes to accurately re-create Neame’s unique and imaginative soundworld.

    Beginning with OK Chorale, a 4-part chorale written in the style of Bach, Neame mixed each set with originals from previous albums with a selection of tunes from his latest album, Moksha.

    The beautiful tune Laika was the highlight as it began with an open and dreamy introduction that soon transformed into something more experimental revealing some energetic interplay.


Charlie Anderson


Ivo Neame, piano; George Crowley, tenor saxophone; Tom Farmer, double bass; James Maddren, drums. 

[Photo: Lisa Wormsley]

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