1 November 2018

Live Review: Joe Armon-Jones at Patterns

Joe Armon-Jones

Patterns, Brighton

Wednesday 10th October, 2018


The new London jazz scene, recently featured in the New York Times, is all about the live experience and this is something that Mr. Bongo is bringing to Patterns in Brighton over the next few months.

Ezra Collective’s pianist Joe Armon-Jones, on his return to Brighton, performed tracks from his solo debut, Starting Today. As with his last appearance here, at The Eagle pub back in May, he was joined by a frontline of Dylan Jones on trumpet and Nubya Garcia on tenor saxophone, with Asheber doing guest vocals.

Creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere, Armon-Jones began with the catchiest track from the album, Almost Went Too Far, and quickly established a groove with the Wurlitzer sound from his Nord keyboard. Throughout, he was deeply immersed in the music, eagerly leaning forward to trade phrases and lock in with the drums of Kwake Bass.

The next tune, Mollison Dub, featured guest vocals from Asheber and an intense solo from saxophonist Nubya Garcia, whilst London’s Face allowed trumpeter Dylan Jones the opportunity to display his impressive technique, using upper register slurs, squeaks and growls.

For the final tune of the set, joined once again by Asheber, Armon-Jones let rip with a mesmerising solo on the title track of the album, Starting Today.


Charlie Anderson

(Photo: Lisa Wormsley)

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