23 June 2014

Live Review: John Law Trio at The Verdict

John Law Trio

The Verdict, Brighton

Friday 20th June, 2014


    Bassist Yuri Goloubev’s plane from Moscow was delayed by several hours and a clearly anxious John Law arrived late, having been unable to collect Yuri from the airport.

    Instead the audience were treated to a unique duo of John with drummer Tim Giles beginning with the standard You Don’t Know What Love Is before performing a selection of compositions by Law, who frequently altered the timbre of the piano with soft cloths and small boxes.

    Though John had collected the double bass, he hadn’t brought Yuri’s sheet music (‘did you bring the green folder?’/‘what green folder?’) so the choice of tunes was dependent on what was in John’s bag/Yuri’s head.

    What could have been a total disaster of an evening was saved by the ability of these world-class musicians to rise above all these problems and focus on making music together.

    Aside from each player’s obvious virtuosity, there was some breathtaking interaction between the players.

    John Law’s most recognisable composition,  the grooving Congregation, was well worth the wait, together with the chance to hear more of John Law’s fascinating highly-original compositions.


Charlie Anderson



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