11 November 2013

Live Review: Robert Mitchell’s Panacea at The Verdict

Robert Mitchell’s Panacea

The Verdict, Brighton 8/11/13


    There’s no doubt that Robert Mitchell has phenomenal technique but this evening was also a showcase for his impressive compositional and arranging skills. His originals were funky and soulful, brought to life by the vocals of Deborah Jordan.

    After a long interval, the second set was a continuous suite that contained a mixture of different grooves.

    The evening was marred by a recurring interference from a mobile phone which kept sounding over the PA at the worst possible moments.

    The most memorable part of the evening was undoubtedly the drumming of Laurie Lowe who gets better and better each time I see him.


Deborah Jordan (vocals), Robert Mitchell (piano), Tom Mason (bass), Laurie Lowe (drums)

Charlie Anderson

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