1 February 2016

New Generation Jazz: Moses Boyd Interview

Tell us about how you got into playing drums and what you get out of it.

    “I started out around 14 at my secondary school in London. Luckily the drum teacher at the time was a jazz drummer and he hipped me to the likes of Max Roach, Tony Williams and more early on. I think the most valuable thing I got out of it was learning the value of hard work and discipline.”


You performed in Brighton with Gary Crosby’s Groundation back in October. What has it been like playing in that band? 

    “It’s been fun, I not only play but also write for that band so it’s been great hearing my music being worked out among the other members. It’s also a fun challenge playing the music of the other members too.”


Tell us about your Exodus project that are appearing at The Verdict on 26th February.

    “The Exodus will feature my longtime friends Theon Cross on tuba, Artie Zaits on guitar and Binker Golding on saxophones. We've played together for a long time and I've been writing some new material, so were going to stretch out and have some fun in Brighton.”


You do a lot of composing for your band. How do you go about composing and where do you get your inspiration from?

    “My inspirations can come from anywhere. To be honest there is never a set formula, usually while I'm out I’ll get an idea for a melody and record it in my phone, I then work it out on the piano, adding a structure or harmony to it. Sometimes this happens very quickly but other times it can take a long time. Once I've then written it out on paper to me that’s its embryonic stage, I feel most of my tunes are fully formed on the bandstand.”


What plans do you have for 2016

    “More releases out on my label Exodus Records, more shows and some top secret stuff I can't mention for now ; )”

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