1 November 2016

Pete Recommends…Bobby Wellins/Colin Purbrook – The Satin Album

Each month Peter Batten recommends a recording that jazz fans may wish to add to their personal library.


Bobby Wellins/Colin Purbrook: The Satin Album


    I met Colin Purbrook at University, where we sometimes played in the same student bands. Later I bumped into him occasionally in London clubs. One evening he told me about a wonderful tenor saxophone player he had heard at a late-night jam session – Bobby Wellins.

    Here they are, 40 years later, on a wonderful album which was a very special project for Bobby, inspired by his love of Billie Holiday. For a jazz musician sound is very important. Bobby plays with a  unique sound, which gives his improvisation  a strong yet very calm feeling.

    Similarly Colin has a beautiful touch at the piano, which gives his playing  a feeling of confident relaxation. Together with Dave Green and Clark Tracey they produce some beautiful music. Listen to the opening track, I’m a Fool.


[ The Satin Album  was issued on JAZZIZIT JITCD 9607 ]


[Photo of Bobby Wellins at the South Coast Jazz Festival, 2015 by Rachel Zhang]

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