1 November 2018

Pete Recommends…Dexter Gordon – Go

Dexter Gordon


[Blue Note 84112]


About the time that this recording was made I heard Dexter in person. I still believe that it was one of the best live sessions I have experienced. The sheer strength of his performance, his ability to flow and to build for chorus after chorus, was breathtaking.

Over the years I have acquired and enjoyed several of his recordings, but this is the one I would always recommend. The accompaniment is superb. Sonny Clark demonstrates again why he was chosen for so many great sessions. His sympathetic response to Dexter’s phrases is a constant delight. Butch Warren is solid on bass, while Billy Higgins on drums plays with intelligence and imagination. Their support helps Dexter to perform at his very best. 

In the 80s I sometimes practised the trumpet while listening to Dexter’s original Cheese Cake because I loved its simple but effective chord sequence. He is inspired and reaches the same level on every track. I particularly enjoy his reading of Where Are You?.


[Go was re-issued on Blue Note CD 84112. You may now be able to find it offered as part of a bargain collection of his recordings from this period]


Peter Batten

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