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23 June 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas Diary of a Loose Tube part 2

Diary of a Loose Tube – second instalment       A few weeks ago I wrote ‘Diary of a Loose Tube’ in anticipation of our week of rehearsals, a residency at Ronnie’s and the launch gig at the Cheltenham Festival. Listening to the BBC Radio 3 broadcast of the Thursday night set in Soho made me […]

12 May 2014

Guest Column: Dan Sheppard – Depping

    Since I'm depping for Eddie, and writing this column at short-notice, I'm going to talk about the minefield that is musical depping. Firstly, I should probably explain what "depping" is. The word is a shortened version of the word "deputy", and essentially means covering for another musician who may be ill or had to […]

28 April 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas – Diary of a Loose Tube

    A few weeks ago I wrote a contemporary diary for SJM. It was difficult to compress the emotional import of the range of connections that are formed through the ongoing making of music. There is a particular form of bond made when musicians play together. None greater perhaps, for some of us, than was […]

17 March 2014

Guest Column: Julian Nicholas – Country Diary of a Nobody

    With blue skies and frenetic feathered activity around the barn where I live on Hawthbush Farm, comes a sense of urgency and freshness following the sustained grey onslaught of wetness over the winter. It seems as though there may be a metaphorical spring in the UK jazz scene, too, with more festivals, gigs, and […]

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