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1 April 2019

Words…Alex Hitchcock

  I grew up in London, living very happily with my mum. It was a close and intense relationship. We’d both get worked up about things quickly but were always open with each other, and I think that has influenced me in terms of how I approach both people and music now. I was lucky […]

1 March 2019

Words…Imogen Ryall

  My childhood was chaotic, exciting and a bit emotionally unstable at times. Both my parents were actors (my mum still is!) but my elder brother and I were loved and were always encouraged to do what we wanted to do. I remember lots of laughs, and my dad played the piano, we grew up […]

1 February 2019

Words…Roxanne Checkley

My childhood was characterised by car journeys. We moved a lot so I spent much of the time reading out facts from encyclopedias to my mum. ‘Muuuuuuum did you know..?’ On repeat for 3 hours. I also read Enid Blyton and Roald Dahl, I read lots as a small child. We lived in Ireland, Sheffield, […]

1 December 2018

Words…Charlie Anderson

  My earliest memory of hearing jazz was around the age of 6. It was a memorable sound, very distinctive. It was Count Basie. My dad took me to jazz gigs and festivals from when I was a toddler. He’d regularly take me to a pub called The Goat in St. Albans which had jazz […]

1 November 2018

Words…Sara Oschlag

  I don’t remember choosing music. I think it must’ve chosen me. I grew up in Copenhagen in a slightly chaotic home. My two sisters had left home at about 15 and 16, which was when I was born. I felt like an only child but I did have my sisters to look up to. […]

1 October 2018

Words…Jennifer Left

I have worked at The Hand in Hand on and off for over the last ten years. I first came here when my friend said that he knew of a little place that sold Cherry Beer, and being fresh of the train from Newcastle, I hadn’t really heard of Cherry Beer before…but by god it […]

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