1 November 2018

Words…Sara Oschlag


I don’t remember choosing music. I think it must’ve chosen me. I grew up in Copenhagen in a slightly chaotic home. My two sisters had left home at about 15 and 16, which was when I was born. I felt like an only child but I did have my sisters to look up to. One of them sang, I would be at her gigs and know all the lyrics to the songs. Her band was an Aretha Franklin tribute, and I was 9 when she pulled me up to sing with her. That had a profound impact on me, I felt like it was something I could do one day.

I joined The Theatre Club when I was 10. For me it was a great escape and I could really express different emotions through acting. The philosophy of this place was based on improvisation, and plays were built on our ideas. It was a great feeling to see your ideas taken seriously and applauded. They were amazing adults in my life at that time, teaching us how to have fun, creating a brilliant balance of discipline and total disregard for “the rules” at the same time, somehow.

You describe me as a caring person, which I love because it means that I’ve cared for you. I grew up in an emotionally chaotic home. I remember feeling very responsible for the adults’ wellbeing. which is a somewhat sad start to a caring personality but it made me very aware of people’s feelings and I think it gave me an ability to pick up on how you’re feeling and be present to that. I’m naturally tactile, and comfortable being close to another person. I have a lot of time for, and interest in trying to help – and I give a damn good hug!

I don’t plan ahead in my life. It freaks me out. When an idea presents itself, I jump in. That’s how I ended up living in Brighton, singing for a living. I live on a boat, which was originally a dreamy thought that became a reality because I thought ‘sounds like fun!’ But it was also a financial move. Renting in Brighton can really suck, and buying seems completely unaffordable. Winter can be pretty awful on the boat, so we decided to try out wintering in Spain. It’s a few months of adventure, which makes me feel happy & excited. I couldn’t have done it without Dan’s (Sheppard) drive, though. He loves that kind of challenge, and all I have to do is fuel the excitement, which I’m very good at.

Most of us carry around hurt from our childhood and teenage years, that affect who we are and how we interact with people. I’m a firm believer of taking responsibility for who I am, and to be responsible for my perspective of the world. I don’t always manage of course, but I’m always trying. My dad taught me to be kind and my mum taught me to be fair. To paraphrase Michelle McNamara ‘it’s chaos out there, be kind.’


Words: Sara Oschlag



Photo: Lisa Wormsley

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