1 June 2015

Album Review: Partikel – String Theory



String Theory


    This music is not simply an acoustic trio recording with an added string quartet. The strings are an integral part of the band improvisation flowing in and out of the music augmenting and sometimes leading the outstanding trio. 

    Almost all the compositions (except Body & Soul) were written and arranged by the superb Duncan Eagles on tenor. The opening track bursts in to life with Clash of the Clans Part 1, with the strings, tenor and rhythm section all throwing their weight in. This track is closely followed by Part 2(Seeking Shadows), with all the trio members individually shining bright. Part 3 (Midnight Mass) completes the triology.

    Introduction to the Buffalo is a sublime classical sounding solo by Bennet McClean followed by The Buffalo with Duncan Eagles on soprano with another wonderful violin solo.

    This album could change your listening habits! If this was an experiment, it was brilliantly conceived and executed. Listening to it anti-socially on headphones was a most rewarding experience.

    String Theory was CD of the month in the European Jazz Chart (May 2015). The Partikel Trio play the Verdict on June 26th prior to their extensive tour of China.

John Edwards

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