1 June 2015

Album Review: Ken Peplowski/Alan Barnes – At The Watermill


Ken Peplowski and Alan Barnes

At the Watermill



    When two of the great jazz musicians get together with a stellar rhythm section, you just know that you are in for a treat and so it proves to be. Both musicians at the top of their form play tunes from Horace Silver to Antonio Carlos Jobim.

    Luiza is played as a clarinet duet with both men effortlessly collectively improvising. Together is a swinging tenor duet. Menina Flores is a latin showcase for Alan’s sinuous baritone before Ken comes in with clarinet. Al Cohn’s Jazz Line gets the full swinging alto/tenor treatment. The poignant Some Other Spring is played sumptuously on alto and clarinet. The album is completed with Pee Wee’s Blues on clarinets.

    If you like jazz played with effortless ease and taste by some of the best musicians around, this CD is certainly for you.


John Edwards

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