1 April 2017

Live Review: Geoff Achison @ The Hawth

Geoff Achison and the Soul Diggers 

The Hawth, Crawley

Friday 17th March 2017 


    Australian Geoff has made a welcome return to these shores after a few years, with his usual mix of hard blues containing quite a sprinkling of the jazz influence.  Many of his solos on guitar would not go amiss in a jazz gig, and Paul Johnson on keyboards (new to me) was quite a revelation.  Andy Hodge was playing only his second gig with Geoff and fitted in with consummate ease.  Sam Kelly on drums is versatile in many genres, and always a joy to watch and listen too.  His sheer enthusiasm never flags and is complete with a quite endless range of facial expressions.  A terrific two hours of blues, jazz, and simply, good entertainment.  Welcome back Geoff. 


Brian O’Connor

Photo of Geoff Achison by Brian O'Connor



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