27 September 2019

Live Review: Offie Mag Presents Chloe Bodur, Yadasofi & Ebi Soda at Patterns

This triple bill of emerging talent presented by Offie Mag was full of promise and was the first in their series of jazz gigs at Patterns.

First on, Ebi Soda made a strong impression with some relaxed grooves featuring the soulful trombone of Will Heaton and the keys of Louis Jenkins. Whilst they built up to their more danceable material, such as their track Dahling, they still kept true to their experimental approach.

The first thing you notice about the second band, Yadasofi, is their big sound, evident in the first few notes of their opening track Simcha. Led by drummer Nadav Schneerson, the drums drive the band forward, together with the steady rhythmic intensity of bassist George Richardson. This is jazz that is firmly within the post-bop tradition but with a Middle Eastern influence, evident in the swirling sounds of their final number House of Pillars.

Vocalist Chloé Bodur performed her tightly arranged and carefully crafted pieces, with catchy hooks and RnB beats, particularly the track Money from her latest EP. Her voice has soft, warm lows and a clear high register that cuts through the band, which included the tireless trombonist Will Heaton, who performed in all three bands.

Well programmed, with a gradual buildup from the relaxed, atmospheric sounds of Ebi Soda to the spiritual jazz of Yadasofi, and finishing with the jazz-influenced soul of Chloé Bodur, this was a good sample of the skills of three very talented up and coming acts.

Next month sees Pyjaen, led by Ezra Collective trumpeter Dylan Jones, on the bill with Worldwide FM’s Tina Edwards.


Words: Charlie Anderson

Photos: Lisa Wormsley

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