1 October 2018

Live Review: Peter Ind at 90 at The Verdict

Peter Ind at 90

The Verdict, Brighton

Friday 14th September, 2018


“When I was younger, if I said ‘fuck’ it would be the end of the world. It no longer is, and I love saying it. Fuck!”


-Peter Ind


Peter Ind’s career began in 1949 when he travelled to America as a bassist performing on the Queen Mary ocean liner. Once in New York he immersed himself in the jazz scene and became a student of Lennie Tristano, performing with fellow Tristano devotees Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh. Later on he started his own record label, Wave, and when he returned to London he started the now legendary Bass Clef jazz club in Hoxton, and later the Tenor Clef. More recently he moved to Brighton and celebrated his 90th birthday.

Beginning with Jonathan Gee’s version of Wayne Shorter’s Footprints, the first set also included Geoff Simkins performing Konitz’s Subconscious-Lee and a sumptuous version of If I Should Lose You by Imogen Ryall. Simkins and Julian Nicholas ended the first set with the scarcely-heard tune Sal’s Line, which Peter Ind had recorded with the composer, pianist Sal Mosca.

During the interval, Claire Martin sat down with Peter Ind, a colourful and forthright character, and asked him about his life and career as a bassist and jazz club owner, where he reminisced about his time in 1950s New York and talked about his more recent activities in Sussex – writing and painting.

After a rousing Happy Birthday (with cake), Peter sat in with the band performing a blues with Claire Martin, proving that you never lose it. With a quick change of bassists, and basses, Tim Robertson was back for Claire Martin’s version of Perdido with Geoff Simkins. By way of contrast, pianist Gee and saxophonist Julian Nicholas joined forces for a duet version of Boplicity using Mark Murphy’s lyrics and vocalese to Gerry Mulligan’s solo. After a fast-paced Oleo, Geoff Simkins finished the evening with a heartfelt rendition of the Ellington ballad In A Sentimental Mood.


Charlie Anderson


Claire Martin, vocals & host; Imogen Ryall, vocals; Julian Nicholas, tenor sax; Geoff Simkins, alto sax; Jonathan Gee, piano & vocals; Tim Robertson & Peter Ind, bass; Spike Wells, drums

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